Richard Farkas, new Argonaut CEO

Nov 2, 2015  · by

Richard Farkas, Argonaut CEO

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From today, Richard Farkas steps into the role of Argonaut CEO. He will work with the teams in different parts of the Argonaut business to drive our transformation programme: in product development, sales, marketing and customer experience, content generation and supply chain, as well as in data, technology and security. Richard steps up from his non-executive director role to take on the CEO position as the company enters a period of accelerated change.

“We’re starting to build the third-generation model for Argonaut” says Richard. “This time we have new enablers which were not present at previous milestones in the company’s history. We have cloud computing, big data, a highly networked community of experts and new possibilities in mobile delivery. We will build a unified model where the different arms of our business are seamlessly integrated, to the advantage of our customers and end-users. I am particularly excited by this opportunity to align tightly with the great organisations in our reseller network.”

Andey Jichev comments: “I’m delighted to announce Richard’s appointment, on behalf of the board. He brings experience from tech, content, marketing and competence development, each part being important in reaching our customers and ensuring their success. Richard will be leading a growth hack for our company and building on the talent we already have in the team. The Argonaut mission remains unchanged. We’ll ensure a constantly improving customer experience throughout this change process.” We welcome any customer, learner and members of our extended community to contact Richard or any member of the Argonaut team to share ideas or get involved.

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