A man is interviewed by a cameraperson in front of a map of the world from space

What’s in your intercultural toolbox?

The Intercultural Toolbox Podcast opened today already offering some valuable resources for interculturalists. Richard Farkas, who hosts the first shows, explains why you may want to listen to the podcast guests.

Elizabeth Masamune

Board-level buy-in for intercultural training

Elizabeth Masamune says that board-level executives can get interested in intercultural training when you make it a strategic issue. Her experiences in Japan throw light on corporate boards everywhere.

From classroom to virtual training

Intercultural training goes digital, a trainer’s perspective

Digital learning will not make face-to-face training disappear, says Béatrice Rivas Siedel in this interview with Argonaut. She gives her view as a trainer deep in the digital learning revolution about what we can to do take every advantage. Her insights are relevant for trainers, training providers, client organisations and the learners themselves.

Portrait of Alex Ma, Chinese cultural correspondent of Argonaut

Interview with Alex Ma, Chinese cultural correspondent

Alex Ma is a researcher, consultant and teacher in the field of globalisation, economics and culture. His work with China’s Research Center for Economic Transition (Beijing University of Technology) makes him deeply involved with solving the challenges of cultural adaptation and international operations for a number of multinational organisations. He also advises individuals on cultural…