Joining CultureConnector means being part of a community. These are the community rules you accept by registering for the site and continuing to use it.

As a member of the community of users, you should respect the cultures of other users and not do things which devalue or damage the CultureConnector community and service as a whole.

We the team at Argonaut are the providers of the CultureConnector service. We promise to respect your culture and your personal data.

Respect other cultures

When you participate in discussions relating to CultureConnector you should keep your comments constructive.

Respect others in the community of CultureConnector users

CultureConnector allows you to connect with other users directly inside the service and encourages exchange of ideas and information about cultures in other forums. You should only send connection requests to people you know and respect their decision whether or not to connect with you. Do not spam!

When you are comparing profiles, you should do this from the point of view of appreciating diversity, where difference adds richness and value. You should not negatively evaluate people and cultures merely because of a difference highlighted in CultureConnector.

Play your role in keeping your data safe, and the data of others

You must follow the rules of Proper Use defined in the CultureConnector terms and conditions.

Amongst other things, that means keeping your password safe, especially when you have access to other people’s data through the CultureConnector service, and reporting any misuse which you know about.

Our commitments to you

We’ll be as transparent as possible about what happens to your data. We will enable you to control who gets data which identifies you as an individual, in line with our privacy policy.

We will work to maintain the content of this site as a positive appreciation of cultural differences without prejudice or bias.

We will take seriously feedback and complaints about content in this site which users may view as offensive or inaccurate, and investigate every instance.

We promote your rights within the law to express your views about cultures in conversations relating to CultureConnector.

We assume you trust certain people with your data

We assume that you are willing to share your cultural profile and other data which identifies you with the person who bought the licence you are using (typically your employer or training provider), and with anyone authorised directly or indirectly by your licence holder.

If we’ve assumed wrongly, you can choose to leave.

You accept the idea of learning by sharing

As individuals and as a community we build our knowledge by sharing information. So CultureConnector exists to help you share your data with colleagues, contacts, coaches, trainers, consultants, with your team or organisation and other groups. The insights from sharing and comparing bring benefits to you, to your team and to whole groups of people.

You accept that Argonaut will use your data to generate insights about the cultures and behaviour of CultureConnector users.

If you have questions or comments

We try to make clear what happens to your data in our privacy policy. If you still have questions after reading it, we invite you to contact us to find out more.

Write to us or contact your licensee (the person or organisation who arranged access for you).

Version 2.0.2 Published 22 November 2017