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Culture in large organisations

Launch CultureConnector via your intranet or learning management system to support change processes and integrate into other learning and development programmes. Initial setup and scaling up are both convenient, regardless of local and personnel numbers.

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Strategic cultural insights

Whether you manage large numbers of people or develop people-management processes, your toolkit should include strategic cultural analytics. To manage a diverse organisation and to succeed in a diverse business environment, cultural analytics help you manage risks, build the business case for action, target your interventions and manage the implementation.

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Understanding other cultures

Awareness is an important step on the path towards global adaptability at organisational level. CultureConnector enables insight and brings attention to the impact of cultural differences at individual, team, organisation and senior levels.

Online intercultural training tools

CultureConnector is a key component in large-scale development and change processes. Most popular uses of the platform include global mobility and expatriate support, multicultural team training, globalisation and leadership.