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The flexible French

France has changed in the last 20 years and so it was time to update the material in CultureConnector. Kathryn Libioulle-Clutz led the work and these are some of the key changes she has observed in that time.

Generating ideas in a meeting represented by many lightbulbs floating above the conference table

Like feedback?

Giving feedback is a skill and demands trust between giver and receiver. Giving feedback between members of the CultureConnector community is now quick and easy.

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Data-driven development model for intercultural skills

Just launched into CultureConnector, a data-driven model of intercultural skills growth. It took us years to develop it, so that trainers, coaches and organisations can develop intercultural skills much, much faster.

CultureConnector coaching

Free intercultural training tool

The best things in life are free. But not in business. Usually, a higher price indicates a higher value. So why should we be interested in something that is free? And if that thing is intercultural training, when is the right time to go for the free option, and when is the right time to invest?

Big differences in Culture overview profile

Intercultural competence for managers

Techniques which succeeded in a monocultural working environment my fail when that environment becomes multicultural. The intercultural skills of a manager can help achieve results. Here’s how.