A used postage stamp for 300 francs

The flexible French

France has changed in the last 20 years and so it was time to update the material in CultureConnector. Kathryn Libioulle-Clutz led the work and these are some of the key changes she has observed in that time.

Elizabeth Masamune

Board-level buy-in for intercultural training

Elizabeth Masamune says that board-level executives can get interested in intercultural training when you make it a strategic issue. Her experiences in Japan throw light on corporate boards everywhere.

Kiev, Ukraine

OMG Ukraine

From the Simpsons, through Sex and the City, TV medic House and historical figures such as Lech Walesa or Honoré de Balzac, many people have commented on Ukrainian culture. But now in CultureConnector there is a more reliable, up-to-date and in-depth source for practical guidance on Ukrainian culture. Cultural Correspondent Elena Shliakhovchuk introduces CultureConnector’s newest culture.

Brazil's Rio de Janeiro

Brazil myth-busting

One of the myths about Brazil which Victor Batista and Ana Carolina Jacinto tackle every day, is that Brazil is a country like most countries, just bigger. In fact, the scale brings enormous diversity. In this interview, Victor and Ana Carolina tell how organisations which have a single “strategy for Brazil” need to get smarter about navigating the diversity and the particular challenges and opportunities operating in Brazil.

Insha’allah, Tawakkala and other surprises in Oman

Taking on the role of Cultural Correspondent for Oman last year challenged me to relive the striking cultural differences of a European arriving in the country for the first time. Back in those early days, Oman was throwing surprises at me in almost every situation I got into.

New Russia: Moscow business district

New Russia, new rules

The new Russia has new rules. There are classic mistakes that foreigners in Russia make, and some new ones too. Western and Asian people could be doing great business with Russia, and some are. But many go through a painful learning process before achieving success. We’ve just finished renewing the advice in CultureConnector for working with…