Erin Reyes smiles at the camera in front of a vast empty desert

From surviving on beans and rice to achieving business success as an intercultural coach

Erin Reyes is co-founder of the Shababeek language centre in Jordan, perhaps the largest and most successful of its kind in the country, and many neighbouring countries too. The business co-founded by Erin and her partner, Jennifer Killpack, owner of the centre, started the 2020s strong and growing. Outside of the global coronavirus challenges, things…

Manuela Marquis presenting with PowerPoint

Intercultural coaching for the leaders of 2025

Manuela Marquis is an intercultural consultant focused on the future. Her work centres on helping leaders prepare for the fourth industrial revolution. Measurement helps to ensure that interventions like coaching achieve impact in the real world. Professional networks have played a big role in Manuela’s success, in a intercultural career which originated in delivering training in a highly-pressured, highly-diverse working environment.

Intercultural training group

How to get started with mindfulness in your intercultural training

Leading clients through a mindfulness exercise as part of intercultural training makes you, as trainer, the model for mindful practice. If you are early in your journey with mindfulness, our best tip is that you become deeply familiar with mindfulness in your own life. We offer five steps for getting started.

Man stands at large screen full of data

Making the case for mindfulness in intercultural training

For a Learning and Development manager, the outcomes of intercultural training may be hard to sell internally. Mindfulness adds to the long list of benefits of intercultural training by facing the challenges of international working realistically, not idealistically. We share some tips on building your business case for a mindfulness-enhanced intercultural training programme.

Mindful woman with heightened cultural awareness

Mindfulness and intercultural training

Transferring training into the workplace? Mindfulness enables something more ambitious Intercultural training is not like most other training. Getting a return on investment is hard. This is because we often need to apply our intercultural knowledge and skills in the most stressful and confusing of situations, when many people fall back into instinctive, familiar responses…

Virtual meeting with trainer

My breakthrough moments as a trainer in the e-learning revolution

This is the story of Béatrice Rivas Siedel’s professional transformation as an intercultural trainer. In two years she moved from being an outsider to the technological revolution in coaching and training, to being a full participant, driver and advocate of blending online and face-to-face learning.