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Intercultural coaching for the leaders of 2025

Manuela Marquis is an intercultural consultant focused on the future. Her work centres on helping leaders prepare for the fourth industrial revolution. Measurement helps to ensure that interventions like coaching achieve impact in the real world. Professional networks have played a big role in Manuela’s success, in a intercultural career which originated in delivering training in a highly-pressured, highly-diverse working environment.

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When HR puts culture onto CEO agendas

Research by PriceWaterhouseCoopers shows a “Top Eight” of issues on the CEO agenda where intercultural skills can be the success factor unlocking business benefits. HR professionals who know how to design high-impact intercultural interventions can be the revenue-boosting heroes of their organisation.

Big differences in Culture overview profile

Intercultural competence for managers

Techniques which succeeded in a monocultural working environment my fail when that environment becomes multicultural. The intercultural skills of a manager can help achieve results. Here’s how.

Margret Steixner intercultural consultant

Intercultural experience does not equal intercultural competence

How to take maximum benefit from experience of working across cultures. Let’s be honest. This stretch can feel painful. Intercultural experiences offer a unique platform for self-development. But experiencing other cultures does not automatically provoke positive learning. #intercultural