Brazil's Rio de Janeiro

Brazil myth-busting

One of the myths about Brazil which Victor Batista and Ana Carolina Jacinto tackle every day, is that Brazil is a country like most countries, just bigger. In fact, the scale brings enormous diversity. In this interview, Victor and Ana Carolina tell how organisations which have a single “strategy for Brazil” need to get smarter about navigating the diversity and the particular challenges and opportunities operating in Brazil.

Beyond stereotypes - Mexico and Germany

Fear of Stereotypes

Recently I was working with a designer, a new provider for us, on some graphic material for CultureConnector. The first drafts were tidy, clear, eye-catching and hopelessly stereotyping of some well-known cultures.

Margret Steixner intercultural consultant

Intercultural experience does not equal intercultural competence

How to take maximum benefit from experience of working across cultures. Let’s be honest. This stretch can feel painful. Intercultural experiences offer a unique platform for self-development. But experiencing other cultures does not automatically provoke positive learning. #intercultural

Olkiluoto nuclear plant

The world’s most expensive building

Some people say that the world’s most expensive building is not the Taj Mahal in India nor any of the towering hotels of Dubai. Well, others say it is a nuclear power station under construction by a French company in Northern Finland. This mega project has been going for over a decade and has made…

iPhone fist culture connector app ranslator Argonaut

The culture algorithm

Next time you are in a foreign city, use a free translator app on your phone and hold the camera up to restaurant menus and street signs. You’ll get an instant translation. It may be better than the restaurant’s own “English menu”. So how long until we can do the same to interpret cultures? The…

Je suis Charlie sign and candles

Observations about encountering a global crisis abroad

I moved to the south of France four months ago and it has been fascinating so far. I’ve brushed up on my français a little, got to know new people and experienced the tingling feeling of living abroad. I know there are many of you out there who adapt to new environments quickly and I…