A flag flying showing colourful versions of the corona virus

Comparing countries in the corona virus? Call an expert!

International comparisons have rarely been so fashionable. The coronavirus is getting everyone into the business of country rankings, global searches for best practices, importing of ideas from foreign lands. But how reliable are these comparisons?

A woman stands at a team meeting. While others have laptops, coffee and notebooks, she has a globe

An interculturalist in the coronvirus response team

What contribution might an interculturalist bring to a top coronavirus crisis response team? Some of the best-prepared government bodies, NGOs and businesses have been adapting to the new situation equipped with cultural intelligence developed by intercultural professionals.

Brazil's Rio de Janeiro

Brazil myth-busting

One of the myths about Brazil which Victor Batista and Ana Carolina Jacinto tackle every day, is that Brazil is a country like most countries, just bigger. In fact, the scale brings enormous diversity. In this interview, Victor and Ana Carolina tell how organisations which have a single “strategy for Brazil” need to get smarter about navigating the diversity and the particular challenges and opportunities operating in Brazil.

Justin Trudeau

Fast change and slow change in Canadian culture

A year ago today power passed from a Conservative government to a new administration under the Liberal politician Justin Trudeau in the Canadian Federal elections. How has the pace and direction of cultural change developed under Trudeau in this time?