Our goal at Argonaut is to enable independent practitioners, small and large training providers and consultants to include high-quality e-learning solutions as part of their portfolio of intercultural services.

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The coaching platform

Using CultureConnector will enable you to work in new ways, deliver even greater value and build a borderless base of learners and clients. The key features enable you to invite participants into a group, view their individual cultural profiles, generate engaging training material for teams and map cultural differences at team and organisation levels. If you have the organisation manager role, you can control the way licences are used and assign rights to trainers for groups within the organisation.

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Getting started training and consulting with CultureConnector

You’re already delivering training and consulting services in the intercultural or related field, and now CultureConnector makes it easy to add online cultural competence development solutions. Start small Many trainers in the Argonaut community got their first experience through the Cultural Correspondent role, sharing their expertise through CultureConnector while introducing their coaching and small-group clients…

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Accreditation as a CultureConnector trainer

Develop your professional qualifications by adding CultureConnector accreditation to your resumé. Accreditation status demonstrates to your participants, colleagues and clients your competence and commitment to excellence. The training is available remotely and can be renewed after 3 years by a refresher programme.

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Business opportunities

Use CultureConnector as a driver of business and as a source of professional, personal and commercial success. Put your business at the heart of the digital economy and win immediate benefits by extending your reach and adding to your offering. See the financial return and the professional satisfaction of working with the leading online platform for intercultural competence development.