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Data-driven development model for intercultural skills

Just launched into CultureConnector, a data-driven model of intercultural skills growth. It took us years to develop it, so that trainers, coaches and organisations can develop intercultural skills much, much faster.

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Intercultural coaching for the leaders of 2025

Manuela Marquis is an intercultural consultant focused on the future. Her work centres on helping leaders prepare for the fourth industrial revolution. Measurement helps to ensure that interventions like coaching achieve impact in the real world. Professional networks have played a big role in Manuela’s success, in a intercultural career which originated in delivering training in a highly-pressured, highly-diverse working environment.

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Board-level buy-in for intercultural training

Elizabeth Masamune says that board-level executives can get interested in intercultural training when you make it a strategic issue. Her experiences in Japan throw light on corporate boards everywhere.

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How mindfulness can transform intercultural training

Mindfulness gives intercultural trainers a powerful tool for transferring intercultural skills from the classroom to the workplace and to everyday life. Traditional intercultural cultural training targets the mind and ideas while a new approach using mindfulness give access to deeper forces which determine people feelings, behaviour and endurance in challenging intercultural situations.

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Making the case for mindfulness in intercultural training

For a Learning and Development manager, the outcomes of intercultural training may be hard to sell internally. Mindfulness adds to the long list of benefits of intercultural training by facing the challenges of international working realistically, not idealistically. We share some tips on building your business case for a mindfulness-enhanced intercultural training programme.

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Mindfulness and intercultural training

Transferring training into the workplace? Mindfulness enables something more ambitious Intercultural training is not like most other training. Getting a return on investment is hard. This is because we often need to apply our intercultural knowledge and skills in the most stressful and confusing of situations, when many people fall back into instinctive, familiar responses…

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Free intercultural training tool

The best things in life are free. But not in business. Usually, a higher price indicates a higher value. So why should we be interested in something that is free? And if that thing is intercultural training, when is the right time to go for the free option, and when is the right time to invest?

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Intercultural competence for managers

Techniques which succeeded in a monocultural working environment my fail when that environment becomes multicultural. The intercultural skills of a manager can help achieve results. Here’s how.