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Justin Ngoga

Justin Ngoga is a Cultural Intelligence Certified professional with comprehensive experience in human capital development and cross-cultural training and orientation. He graduated from the former National University of Rwanda (current University of Rwanda) with a bachelor’s degree of English in 2011. Given the amount of cross cultural challenges internationals were facing living and working in Rwanda and Rwandans struggling to relate with people from other cultures, Justin decided to fill the gap and started the first intercultural program (Impact Route) in Rwanda. Impact Route is a social business that provides Rwanda cultural awareness and intercultural training skills to facilitate cross cultural interactions.

Gerry Higgins

Gerry Higgins has spent his working life working outside his home Country of Scotland, living in 9 Countries in Asia, Africa and the Nordics with his family. An engineer by training, Gerry has managed business units and projects in these Countries and so has a wealth of real-life examples to draw upon in his work as Intercultural specialist. As a result of that exposure and experience, Gerry has seen first hand the effect both his and his host’s culture can have on business outcomes, both positive and negative. He is eager to help others to avoid the mistakes he made, and also to help them to leverage Intercultural knowledge in a positive way to help smooth the road in negotiations, communication and most importantly, relationship building. Because “business” isn’t just a transactional, mechanical affair. It is really all about the human connection and how we interact with each other. He is married with 3 children and has returned to Scotland after 35 years away, mainly to see if the weather is as bad as he remembers it.  It is !

Guy Bondonneau

Going back to his training as a civil engineer, Guy now builds bridges but between cultures. He draws on his personal experiences of a bi-cultural family, French and Swedish, growing up in Uruguay, studying in Zurich, first job in Bangladesh and finally landing in the UK. His training also benefits from diversity in his professional life in the UK, merchant banking in the City, purchasing agent for a Saudi company, interior designer for corporate and private clients, and website design.

Agnès Domercq

Agnès is a professional intercultural trainer with business and cross-cultural experience which is both deep and wide. She has worked in executive roles in a New York communications agency, in marketing in Japan, in the Olympic organisation committee in Brazil and in training in a large number of geographies. She has lived for extended periods in the USA, Japan, Spain, Mongolia, Brazil and France. Now based again in her native France, Agnès focuses on developing her clients’ global intercultural competence by uncovering and building essential skills for a VUCA world: cross-cultural agility, global mindset and more generally, ability to deal with “otherness”. Agnès is trained in various approaches for expatriate effectiveness including Active listening, Enneagram, Non Violent Communication, TIPI and more. She speaks French, English, Portuguese and Japanese.

Lisa La Valle-Finan

A self-described culture shock preventionist, Lisa is the "expat whisperer" who believe that anthropology is a birthright. She draws on over 20 years of personal international, academic, and professional experience. She delivers deep culture workshops for executives, teams, and their families in global transition. She's a highly sought-after author, speaker, and instructor on the subject of "deep-culture” who delivers "transformative" cross-cultural alignment programs around the world. With a sixth sense for cross-cultural insights, she fosters smooth transitions for the expat lifecycle including coping and adapting strategies for unfamiliar cultural contexts. Lisa re-frames the intercultural practice with a highly empathic, yet bold style, delighting audiences with culture change programs for academic institutions, content research for enterprises. She speaks to groups and moderates panel discussions about globalization, intercultural understanding and collaboration, and has authored numerous articles contributing to the literature of cross-cultural communication. Conversant in basic French and Greek, her graduate work is in applied anthropology, and live by the maxim that "a little local knowledge goes a long way."

Eric de Lame

As a lifelong expatriate with diplomatic missions in Africa (Cameroun & Equatorial Guinea), in Northern America (US Mid-West & West Coast, British Columbia), in Europe (France, Spain, Netherlands), in Asia (India, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia & Philippines), Eric has developed a keen interest in cross-cultural communication skills to successfully develop business in new markets. He has observed many faux-pas and recorded as many success stories. Eric has authored several articles in business magazines and edited cross-cultural manuals on the USA and Malaysia as well as conducted cross-cultural workshops for expatriates and business executives. Eric prefers sharing real stories and triggering insights on cultural differences over listing rules and business etiquette. Learning about those differences should be fun and make sense. In Eric’s view, history throws much light on otherwise difficult-to-explain behaviours. At the end of the day, a mindful cross-cultural experience accelerates your business development in new markets and enriches you as a human being in our ever more globalized world.

Joanna Smit

Joanna Smit is a consultant specialising in international business and based in London, UK. She advises international organisations on areas such as international marketing, business development, strategic project management, intercultural management.

Joanna's background includes a decade of experience in investment banking and SME finance across several European countries. Her work included supporting governments raise finance from international investors, which gave her first-hand experience in international sales, marketing andproject management.

Joanna holds a B.Sc. in Economics, has lived and worked in her home country Luxembourg, as well as Germany, France, the UK and Spain and speaks several languages fluently.

Mikkel Hougaard Orlovski

Mikkel has worked within the fields of international recruitment, talent development and management training for the past 10 years, with a special focus on integrating talents and managers in culturally diverse settings to ensure success for both individuals and organizations. With an academic background in Intercultural Communication & Psychology, he bridges the latest theoretical developments with practical and personal implementation in cultural training seminars for newcomers to Denmark, managers of culturally mixed staff, and cultural intelligence seminars for broader audiences. Furthermore, managers and talents are individually coached to make sure they can fully develop the potential in a system of expectations and communication styles that are different to their own. Mikkel has a specialization within psychometric testing and the influence of culture on the interpretation of its results, and uses this to great effect in team building and personal development.  

Marloes Rozing

Marloes has found herself at the crossroads of culture personally and professionally all her life. She is a third culture child who was raised in Germany to Dutch parents. She obtained a Master’s degree in Chinese language and culture at Leiden University and has over 15 years of professional cross-cultural experience in event management, business development, account management, project management and service design. She has worked for small and large enterprises, universities and the public sector across Germany, the Netherlands, China, the US and the UK. Marloes has been designing and delivering cultural training for expats and multinationals since 2012, including individual coaching and relocation programmes as well as corporate group training. She has a keen interest in e-learning and facilitates interactive virtual learning programmes.

Lisamaria Markula

Lisa is truly a global citizen who has visited 55 countries and lived in 10 of them in 3 continents. She received a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from University of Westminster and holds two Masters Degrees in European Studies and World Politics from King's College London and the University of Helsinki respectively. She is a trainer, mentor and a life coach, and she has personal, first-hand experience of various business cultures, including fast-growing economies. Having worked for 3 years in export promotion for PwC Mexico, she started her own venture and currently works in Pakistan facilitating Finnish organisations' entry into Pakistan in the fields of strategy, market research, operations, representation and culture.

Neil Payne

Neil brings an in-depth knowledge of the Middle East to the cross cultural training field. As well as being the Iran Cultural Correspondent for Culture Connector, he also runs Commisceo Global, an international training company specialising in intercultural skills and his personal training firm, Yek, which specialises in training on Islam, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Turkey. Born in Iran, raised in Kuwait and having spent much of his twenties working, studying and travelling across North Africa, the Levant and the Persian Gulf, Neil is passionate about breaking stereotypes about the Muslim world.

Eva Gaborikova

Eva has been a coach and trainer of cross-cultural business communication and etiquette since 2001, conducting group trainings for companies and governmental bodies, universities and lifelong education centres, consulting and coaching executive managers and facilitating multicultural teams. Her professional fields are: intercultural consulting and coaching, intercultural negotiations, cross-cultural business etiquette, facilitating multicultural teams, intercultural mediation, adult and youth coaching and trainings, cross-cultural HR, country specific trainings and coaching sessions focused on Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria. Eva is a frequent conference speaker and author of much published work on Slovakia. As President of Institute of Intercultural Understanding Eva facilitates the intercultural success of families, married couples and youth. Eva speaks Slovakian, English, Italian, French, German and Russian.

Elizabeth Masamune

Elizabeth Masamune is Managing Director of @Asia Associates Japan, specializing in cross-cultural communication, organizational culture and diversity. She is based in Tokyo and practices mainly in Japan, with a broader focus on the Asia Pacific region. Elizabeth built her career as a senior executive with the Australian Trade Commission, the trade and investment promotion arm of the Australian Government. As a diplomat and trade envoy, she has spent more than 25 years living and working in the key Asian markets of Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea, in 2006 receiving the Public Service Medal from the Australian Government for her work in advancing the interests of Australian companies in Asian markets. A passionate advocate for improving opportunities for women in the workplace, she served as the first female Senior Trade Commissioner from Australia to both Korea and Japan. Elizabeth originally qualified as a simultaneous interpreter and translator of Japanese. She has also studied Indonesian, Korean, Vietnamese, French and Spanish. She is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds several directorships in addition to her advisory work. She is married to Japanese graphic designer Toshiaki Masamune.

Lara Statham

Lara is a Personal Performance Coach, intercultural trainer, university teacher and expert in Italian business culture. She has delivered intercultural training as a key component of Business English training courses in Italy for 20 years. She has seen that trying to reduce the cultural gap through language training and technology alone is simply not enough for business professionals today. To succeed in business, you have to reduce the cultural distance and to do this you must have cultural awareness of your international business partners. Language is what you say, but cultural awareness is how you understand what is meant and how you bridge that gap. Apart from Italy, Lara has also worked in Greece, Jordan, Egypt and China and knows that it can be useful to have a knowledge of national characteristics as a starting point but to be taken seriously and to develop professional relationships having the ability to see beyond those typical behaviours is critical. Lara has a degree in Modern European Cultural Studies, an MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching.    

Victor Batista

Victor Batista is the CEO of FORVM, a consulting company founded in 1997, specialised in international business and based in the city of Joinville Brazil. He has almost 30 years of experience and expertise in areas such as international marketing, business development, strategic project management, intercultural management and export promotion. Additionally, Victor has a Bachelor Degree in International Trade and specialisations in International Relations and Marketing. He comes from a Swiss/Brazilian background - his family’s roots are from Switzerland, but he was born in Brazil. Apart from Brazil, he has lived in Italy, Canada and Switzerland. Victor can communicate in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. He likes to deal with different cultures and contribute to the development of business in Brazil.

Ana Carolina Jacinto

Ana is very interested in Interculturalism. She has a background in International Relations and lived in UK for a year in order to do a M.Sc. in International Business. Currently, she works with international consulting, assisting organisations to internationalise, foreign companies to do business in Brazil, Brazilian companies to go abroad, as well as Investment/Export Promotion Agencies to promote themselves and their locations. International Marketing, Culture, Business Strategy and International Relations are her main areas of expertise. Ana's vision is to contribute to the development of her country. She is passionate about art, literature and history and the power they have to provide an understanding of a country's society and culture.

Iva Pozsgai

Iva is the Argonaut Cultural Correspondent for Bulgaria and currently lives in Switzerland. Iva is a passionate Learning and Development professional with both corporate and consultant background. In her latest role Iva is managing training and change activities for large cross-cultural transformation projects. Driven by her working and family environment, Iva has a keen interest in facilitating mutual understanding between different cultures, especially in a remote setting.

Gabriela Anna Weglowska

Gabriela is an Argonaut Cultural Correspondent for Poland. She specialises in an intercultural and soft skills training and coaching. Her professional experience includes diversity and inclusion project management and training in Non-Governmental and Higher Education sectors. She enjoys creating inspiring, effective learning journeys with an impact and she has designed and delivered intercultural awareness workshops in the UK and Brazil. Born and raised in Poland, Gabriela studied and worked in the UK and Spain, and participated in a cultural exchange visit to China. As a life-long learner, Gabriela achieved MA in Intercultural Business Communication, is a certified Personal Performance Coach and is pursuing CIPD Diploma in Learning & Development. She is an accredited trainer of several tools for developing cross-cultural competence and personal effectiveness. With her passion for human development, Gabriela’s vision is to create the world where cultural diversity is always seen as an opportunity, never a threat and she is currently exploring cultural psychology to deliver that vision.

Neal Taylor

Neal Taylor has lived and worked in five different countries. He holds a degree in International Management and Modern Languages from Bath University in the UK. His career so far has been in publishing, specifically in the area of language learning and eLearning. Neal is personally interested in the relationship between language and culture. He also enjoys travelling, photography and sharing stories.

Irene Hotz Glanzmann

Irene grew up in the German part of Switzerland and has a background in modern languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian) and in Human Resources Management. She worked in international companies for more than 13 years until 2004. After giving birth to her second son in 2004 she left her position with a Swiss Automotive supply company where she had worked in corporate HR for 7 years. In 2005, after the Argonaut accreditation course in London, she decided to build up her own company specializing in intercultural management and international HR. She also teaches human resources and diversity management in leadership courses, and English to senior citizens. Irene is married and has two teenage boys.

Nannette Ripmeester

Nannette Ripmeester is director of Expertise in Labour Mobility. She holds extensive knowledge on what makes graduates internationally employable by working with corporate clients and higher education institutions across the globe. With her double-sided knowledge on what makes people mobile, Nannette advises how to further increase the connection between recent graduates and their future job opportunities, in the form of workshops, lectures, publications and an educational gaming app. Nannette combines her role for ELM with her work as Director Client Services Europe for i-graduate – a leading benchmarking organisation responsible for the International Student Barometer (ISB). With 2 million student responses, the ISB is the largest student survey in the world. With 20 years of advising employers, universities and governments on graduate mobility, Nannette is one of Europe's leading experts on mobility for study and work.

Annabel Rattigan

Annabel is an Intercultural Training Manager at International Consultants Centre in Australia. Having worked, studied and travelled extensively in the Asia-Pacific region, she is passionate about working with people to build their Asia capability. She has delivered over 300 intercultural coaching sessions for employees in telecommunications, insurance, automotive, resources, airline and education sectors as well as designing and delivering local and offshore country and cultural intelligence programs for individuals, their families and culturally diverse teams. Annabel studied Bahasa Indonesia at Universitas Gadja Mada in Yogyakarta, she has a BA(Hons) from University of Melbourne majoring in Indonesian and Gender studies, and qualifications in Training and Assessment and Intercultural Studies at University of British Columbia. In her spare time she enjoying doing yoga and chasing after her three young children.

Elaine Teo

Elaine Teo Mosimann is an intercultural expert passionate about bringing the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and emotional balance to individuals and organisations. Elaine is the founder of Living Potential International (, a multilingual Oxford-trained psychologist and philosopher, leadership development trainer and facilitator, executive coach, university lecturer, entrepreneur, regional marketing communications and premium product development manager for American Express and Singapore Airlines, meditation practitioner, and full-time mother of two boys and a girl. She is respected for her original thought leadership on bringing the worlds of education and work closer together, diversity and inclusion, gender equity and managing intergenerational cultures, and mindfulness and emotional balance for professional and personal success. She is Singaporean Chinese based between the UK, US and Singapore.


Expert contributors

Niels Dyrelund

During his time as a Cultural Correspondent for CultureConnector, Niels worked on building bridges between business and development issues and across cultural boundaries. Niels is a business and development economist by training and has a passion for creating great learning experiences for organisations and individuals. As a trainer in intercultural learning, Niels started out with non-formal education in a world-wide intercultural exchange community, before he moved into management consulting.

Julie Granek

Julie Granek is an Intercultural Training Manager, HR professional and Social Worker. She has lived in the Middle East for several of years, where she worked with local and expatriate communities. She combines her academic background and her experiences abroad to prepare individuals and corporate teams for international relocation, manage of their repatriation, as well as to provide support to those working in an intercultural context.  Julie holds a BA, BSW (Hons) and MMgt (HR) from The University of Melbourne. She also has qualifications in Workplace Training and Assessment. Julie was the recipient of the 2015 Eric J. Ingram prize for Strategic HRM from The University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics.

Natasha Aksenova

Natasha Aksenova is an intercultural and communications consultant and trainer with over 17 years of intercultural experience, having lived and worked in Russia, the US, Germany, and in the UK. She specialises in country-specific training (Russia and the UK). Other areas of Natasha Aksenova’s expertise include cultural awareness and sensitivity, presentations and public speaking, Negotiating and influencing, as well as Working effectively across cultures.

Grant Douglas

Grant Douglas runs the language and international relations departments of several engineering schools in France, where intercultural communication has been made an integral part of the study programmes. His work is now exclusively in the fields of international relations and intercultural communications. Apart from research and teaching in this field, he prepares individuals for overseas missions and is an active member of SIETAR-France, the Society for Education, Training and Research. Grant studied at the Universities of Leeds (UK) and British Columbia (Canada).

Elspeth Fink-Jensen

Elspeth is an Argonaut Cultural Correspondent for Australia and General Manager at International Consultants Centre (ICC). She manages ICC projects for international and domestic mobility, including cultural training, mobility frameworks, assignment outsourcing and policy design. Elspeth coordinates ICC’s intercultural learning and development projects for individuals and teams and has a background as a cultural trainer at ICC. Prior to this Elspeth worked as a Change Management specialist with Accenture working across Australia, Europe and the United States. Elspeth has a BA (Hons) from the University of Melbourne, post graduate diploma in Change Management from RMIT, Change Management Qualification (CMQ) from the Australian Graduate School of Management and has trained in cultural studies at Templeton College, Oxford. Elspeth has also studied at the Sorbonne.

Eva Gordon-Smith

Eva-Gordon Smith brings academic and business experience to the field of intercultural competence. Her work with cultural synergy in cross-border acquisitions and general intercultural competence have benefited organisations across Europe and America.

Ma Hongyi (Alex Ma)

Alex Ma is a researcher, consultant and teacher in the field of globalisation, economics and culture. His work with China’s Research Center for Economic Transition (Beijing University of Technology) makes him deeply involved with solving the challenges of cultural adaptation and international operations for a number of multinational organisations. He also advises individuals on cultural transition.

Cristina Ramalho

Cristina Ramalho is a Brazilian native living and working in Germany. With an academic background in Roman Philology and German Studies, and teaching Brazilian Portuguese, she became fascinated with the culture behind the language. That lead her to a career as a coach and consultant in intercultural communication, where she has added numerous intercultural qualifications to her resume.

Regina Reinhardt

Regina Reinhardt is an intercultural practitioner from childhood. Born in Switzerland with a German mother and Swiss father, raised in Greece by her mother and Greek stepfather she today lives back in Switzerland. She runs her own organisation both in Switzerland and Greece, offering intercultural trainings, intercultural conciliation in the health area as well as country trainings for expats in Switzerland and Greece. Her clients, groups as well as individuals are executives, managers and privates with national and international background from the area of service, IT, finance, food, non-profit, education as well as automotive industry. She delivers trainings and coachings in English, German, Swiss German and Greek language. Her awareness and intuition combined with strategic business orientation offers clients new perspectives and enable them to gain a holistic view.

Gabriela Ribeiro

Gabriela Ribeiro is a film director and author who was born in Rio de Janeiro. She encountered her first culture shock when moving to Portugal in the 1980s – being exposed to provincialism in her early life inspired her later work. She left Lisbon in the middle of her communication and cultural studies in college to spend two months in Boston discovering multiculturalism. She has also studied Musical Theatre (Mountview Academy) in London, and media, journalism and American politics in Paris. She has an MFA in Film Directing. Gabriela wrote her first satirical novel about the narrow mindedness and the clichés of Brazilian women in Portugal.

Anne Rupp

Anne Rupp is an intercultural trainer from Germany who has lived and worked in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona). She specializes in raising intercultural awareness, Spanish and German business culture and negotiation styles, communication tools and offshore projects. Anne gives trainings both in the private sector (e.g. SONY Spain or Giesecke&Devrient Group) and in the public sector. Anne also has specialist knowledge of international collaboration through her work as the project manager of a public-private partnership project involving Indonesian, German and Spanish companies. As an interpreter in international negotiations, she has been at the heart of many negotiation scenarios. She is an active member of SIETAR Spain.

Claire Snowdon

Claire’s extensive background in the retail clothing industry has taken her around the world, with professional assignments in Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Israel, Portugal, and the UK, her home country. She has held strategic positions with Liz Claiborne, successfully planning and supporting a business model change and increasing efficiency of delivery of global brands. Additionally, she was responsible for the training, placement and support of cross functional technical staff in Madagascar/Swaziland/Pakistan/Indonesia/Jordan/Egypt. She integrates her international living and work experience in her current business: Expat Know How, which provides relocation and repatriation training and support for anyone intending to work overseas, or planning to return home after an extended time abroad.

Margret Steixner

Margret Steixner’s professional interest and practice is centered around intercultural learning and competence development. Margret lived in different African countries and intensively researched the nature of intercultural challenges in her PhD thesis. She lectures at universities, trains and coaches intercultural topics in NGOs and other international organizations and companies. Building on her training and coaching expertise, she looks at intercultural competence as an integrated part of personality. Margret’s strength is the combination of theoretical knowledge with firsthand work and life experience. As an educationalist Margret strongly focuses on creating a supportive learning environment by using a variety of interactive methods and tools.

Lucie Houde

Lucie Houde is President & Founder of Archetypes-Inter, a Diversity consulting firm based in Montreal, since 2001. She has a master’s degree in the field of intercultural training and is specialised in cross-cultural training, global leadership coaching and global competencies assessments. She was introducted to cultural diversity in her formative years, as part of the first children of cooperants for the Canadian International Development Agency, living in Senegal and Mauritania, then further her experience as an expat student in England. Her first work experience was in Northern Quebec with Cree – Eeyou women. This contact with First People guided her career, focused on cultural diversity. She works both in French and English.

Zsuzsanna Tungli

Zsuzsanna Tungli professional interests are in international transactions, multinational teams, intercultural competency assessment, and knowledge transfer within companies. She has worked in management consultancy and taught at universities across Europe. She has played an active part in developing SIETAR Europa and SIETAR International (the Society for Intercultural Research and Training).

Yvonne Verhoeff

Yvonne Verhoeff taught the Dutch language to foreign people for 25 years before specialising in the field of intercultural communication. She designs and delivers intercultural trainings for clients in various sectors including schools and universities, international sales and migration.

David Walsh

David Walsh is a consultant and trainer in the field of diversity. He has published guidance to public bodies on responding to diversity and helps individuals and organisations put new approaches into practice through innovative training programmes. He is a licensed practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a creative force in his clients’ successes in diversity management.

Birgit Weiss

Birgit Weiss is an intercultural coach, consultant and trainer for clients of all sizes. In her current work she is focussing on intercultural practices and communication and has conducted extensive research in the field of cultural diversity. Birgit holds a Magister degree in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Vienna, Austria. She has lived, worked and studied in Austria, Sweden, Australia and Spain. Her PhD research is on Transit, Translocation, Transversality.

Anggie Wulandari Hall

Anggie Hall is the cultural correspondent for Indonesia. She is an Indonesian living in London. Her fascinations in people and culture started when she was selected to participate in an exchange students program to the USA as a teenager. With an academic background in cross cultural psychology, she has work as a cross-cultural trainer and Bahasa Indonesia teacher with many years of experience working with multinational companies. Anggie qualified as a trainer for the AFS Intercultural Link Learning Program and is a certified trainer following completion of the Crossing Culture with Competence workshops at the Interchange Institute.

Other expert contributors

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