Intercultural competence for managers

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Big differences in Culture overview profile

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What to do if the practices which have been successful in a monocultural context don’t generate the expected results in an intercultural context?

Find the areas of greatest difference

First, review the dimensions of culture which may be the cause of reduced success in intercultural situations. Maglia Anthony Davis You can get a clear start at tackling the problem if you can identify dimensions within which your employees or clients are significantly different. Introducing new techniques for building on cultural diversity is the key to intercultural effectiveness.


What is a cultural dimension?

CultureConnector profile wheel
This wheel shows the 12 cultural dimensions that have the greatest impact in the workplace, following the approach in CultureConnector.

Cultural dimensions matter if you are trying to achieve results across cultures. They are categories of behaviour heavily influenced by both culture and individual aspects which impact success across cultures. Let’s take Power as an example. new balance 996 homme pas cher It concerns the relationship between senior and junior people. Air Max 2017 Rosso Uomo If your employee comes from a culture where respect for authority is absolutely dominant, you may find the employee is:

  • uncomfortable being trained or managed by a less experienced or younger person
  • confused by a senior or junior person interacting in collaborative style
  • unwilling to question your methods.

Developing the manager’s abilities for cross-cultural work

Intercultural competence is a success factor in working with employees who have recently arrived in the country, employees from native communities in countries like Canada, and with international partners. NIKE AIR HUARACHE A manager or leader with employees from any culture can deal with them more effectively if he or she:

  • is aware how their own culture affects their managerial methods
  • identifies the cultural dimensions most relevant to each employee
  • finds common ground on which a trusting relationship can be built
  • helps the employee see how the differences affect the work
  • press the right buttons to motivate and influence the person in a way that is adapted to the cultural differences

While the personality and values of most individuals remain relatively stable throughout their life, employees can adapt to new cultural situations. Robert Griffin III Baylor Jerseys They can adjust behaviour, especially when new behaviours bring results. Employees find it easier to adapt their behaviour when they are supported by a manager who understands them and understands cultural difference well. Dan Connolly

Targeting the manager’s time

Group insights: spread
Individuals, cultures and diversity on one dimension scale

Tools like CultureConnector give us the possibility to create personalised cultural profiles of clients and employees in order to target management attention. In some cases the tool moves beyond diagnosis towards giving techniques for improving personal intercultural effectiveness. Nike Air Huarache There are various tools on the market. Nike Free Run 5.0 Blu Uomo We chose CultureConnector (formerly Argonaut) for the ease with which we can locate several individuals on a scale and preserve the value and uniqueness of each person’s cultural profile. Managers can even start for free, getting to know the cultural dimensions most relevant in their teams and receiving some suitable methods for dealing with them.

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