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We’ve introduced a powerful new feedback feature for the CultureConnector community.

Now in CultureConnector users can pass comments to each other in many directions while staying in control of their data.

  • Trainers to learners
  • Learners to trainers
  • Learners to management and training providers
  • Trainers to the Argonaut team

Tell your trainer what you think

It’s quick and efficient to give feedback in CultureConnector. As a learner, you can drop in a comment about your home culture, or a comparison with one of your chosen cultures, or your overall experience. The comment will immediately appear for your trainer.

Say what you really think

Giving feedback demands sensitivity and trust that the comments will only reach those who should hear them. Sometimes anonymity can improve the quality of feedback. We’ve enabled commenters to decide who can read the comments, be it the organisation’s management, the trainer, the training company or simply the people developing CultureConnector.

Quick and easy for community members

Now it’s easier than ever for trainers to contribute ideas, corrections, criticisms and likes to CultureConnector. The new feedback box appears in specific screens, so you don’t need to describe the topic or feature you’re commenting on. Simply say way you think, and continue with your day. It takes just a few seconds.

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Customising how you ask the question

If you’re a business customer using CultureConnector, you can configure comments according to your business needs, asking for feedback in a way that is relevant and valuable for your work.

Feedback on feedback

CultureConnector feedback will auto-adapt to the way you are giving feedback and to your role. We hope that you’ll see the feedback form exactly where and when you want it, without any annoying moments. We’re checking the analytics and feedback daily. Let us know what you think of the new feedback feature.

Check your feedback now

If you are a trainer using CultureConnector, you can check your feedback in the Trainer Dashboard area. Organisation managers and business customers will also find feedback in their own admin panels.

Thanks for sharing!

In the Argonaut team we are joyfully running in a never-ending race to keep our cultural content up to date. Cultures change continuously and sometimes rapidly. Our community has always had a key role in helping to keep CultureConnector as the most up-to-date source of country-specific intercultural information. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. Now it’s even easier to join a winning team in this race!

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