Help for intercultural training businesses through the corona virus pandemic

Mar 24, 2020  · by

Two business people speak on the phone, separated by a giant virus

Topics: Crisis, Intercultural profession, Virtual teamworking

The hardest hits to the economy from the corona virus are falling on small businesses, which is where you’ll find most intercultural training providers.

When the crisis is over, we need a strong community of interculturalists to help businesses and society to adjust to new ways of doing international collaboration.

To help intercultural trainers stay in business and their customers continue to benefit from interculturalists’ expertise, we’re providing our service for free.

If you are an intercultural consultant or trainer and you are facing cancellation of face-to-face trainings by a customer, we’re offering CultureConnector for free to you and your customer – and help switching to online training delivery.


Applying to use CultureConnector for free during the Covid-19 Corona virus crisis is easy. Shifting from in-person to online training delivery may not be so easy. We’re here to help you help your customer through the transition.

Apply to use CultureConnector for free

To qualify, you must be switching to an online model from a previously-agreed face-to-face training.

Practical answers to the everyday questions of globalisation are provided by the members of the intercultural training community. Let’s keep it strong.

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