Learning to succeed internationally

Erin Reyes

In her 14 years as an expat, Erin has gone from life as a single woman in a remote village of Central America to raising a family in one of the largest cities in the Middle East. She is the founder of Culture Dive and is also a co-founder of Shababeek Intercultural Development Center in Amman, Jordan, where 65,000 hours of Arabic language sessions were facilitated in their first 7 years of operation. For Erin, life as an expat has provided every opportunity to thrive. Having learned three languages during her time abroad, she knows the frustration of struggling to communicate, the stress of frequent transitions, and the exhaustion of learning a new way of life while feeling constantly misunderstood. Her company, Culture Dive, is all about providing expats with the tools, support and mindset they need to conquer the challenges of life abroad and unlock the benefits an intercultural life can bring. She lives to see people from different backgrounds engage profoundly, because she believes this leads to mutual transformation.