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Elena Shliakhovchuk

Elena (Olena) Shliakhovchuk is an intercultural coach and consultant. Her specialization is highly customised interactive cross-cultural and repatriation programmes for adults, young talents and kids using coaching tools and techniques. She serves as an Area Expert for Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian and Spanish cultures.

She holds degrees in Linguistics, Management and Philosophy. Her PhD research focuses on investigating how digital natives acquire different types of knowledge, in particular surrounding cultural literacy and the impact of video game environments on the formation of intercultural competencies.

She uses gaming mechanics (gamification, pointification) to activate the intrinsic motivation of her students to study while teaching in university and college. Her passion about games-based learning led her to an author a game and to co-author a tool for developing intercultural competence for doing business in Ukraine.

She spent most of the years since the start of the Century working and intensively visiting a wide range of countries including the USA, Canada, China, Israel, Thailand, Spain, India, Sweden, Germany, the UK, UAE, etc. working side by side in daily interactions with Polish, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, English, etc colleagues. Her professional experience includes working for Peace Corps where she acted as a language and cross cultural facilitator for American volunteers.

Elena is bilingual Ukrainian and Russian, speaks fluent English and Spanish, some Portuguese and some Arabic.


Articles by Elena Shliakhovchuk

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November 29, 2017