Join our community of Cultural Correspondents

If you are a talented writer with deep expertise in one or more business cultures, you could be part of our international community of Cultural Correspondents

Who are the Cultural Correspondents?

Cultural Correspondents create the country information in CultureConnector. They are key to the professional knowledge which learners in CultureConnector can discover.

Our cultural correspondents are culturally diverse and have a variety of professional backgrounds. Here are some factors they have in common.

  • expert practical knowledge of a certain business culture
  • deep insight into the history and society of the culture, with understanding of the values influencing the culture today
  • extensive personal experience of challenging intercultural situations
  • skill as a writer or creator of training material in English
  • experience producing content for online publishing or social media
  • a curious mind
  • commitment to finding time for creating short but high quality content a few times per year

What do they do?

Cultural correspondents participate in a variety of exercises, all requiring their expertise on cultural themes to create great content for learning about cultures.

Here are some examples

  • write 2-3 paragraphs on business dress
  • recommend five movies which give insight into the culture, and say why
  • design the questions and answers for an interactive exercise on negotiation style
  • create tips for customer service personnel dealing with people from the culture
  • write a short piece analysing a current hot-topic affecting the culture
  • write advice for a project manager leading a team in the culture
  • propose updates to the existing content on the culture
  • write a few short paragraphs about timekeeping and multi-tasking in the culture

Cultural correspondents commit to produce 1-2 pieces of content every three months. Each piece of content requires around 1-3 hours. The content goes to Argonaut’s editorial team. After some revisions and sometimes dialogue, the content is published. This means that Correspondents need a high level of English skill, but not native level. The final version is always completed by a native speaker of English. A new Correspondent starts by creating or reviewing a set of content. This one-time effort requires around one day.

One correspondent’s story…

Cultural Correspondent Fast Writing

It’s what you know: 10 years as a cultural correspondent

Irene Hotz Glanzmann has been a Cultural Correspondent in the Argonaut community since 2006. The role has continued to inspire her work as an interculturalist because the Cultural Correspondent assignments challenge her to research and reflect on different aspects of her culture, in a comparative context.

Benefits of being a correspondent

Most of all, being a Cultural Correspondent is an inspiring, fun and professionally challenging role. There are also some very practical benefits.

Benefit€ value per yearDetails
Gold plan€85 per yearFor one person: the Cultural Correspondent him/herself
Trainer dashboard€75 per yearFor one person
50% commissionup to €7500 per saleWhen you give a special code to your customer, you receive 50% of the income. Commission is valid for payments during one year only (not extended subscriptions or repeat sales).
50% discountup to €7500 per purchaseWhen you buy from the Argonaut shop
Silver planup to €620 per yearSilver plan for up to 5 of your client-learners per quarter. At the end of each quarter, your available seats will be topped up to 5. This benefit requires that you’ve submitted one item of content in the previous quarter.*
Diamond planup to €4400 per yearDiamond plan for up to 5 of your client-learners per month. At the end of each quarter, you’ll receive 15 new seats. This is an alternative benefit to the Silver Plan and requires that you’ve submitted two items of content in the previous quarter.*
Personal brandingVisibility on this website as an expert for the industry’s leading platform; use in your marketing to add to your authority as an expert in your field. See our Cultural Correspondents page and our blog authors pages.
Training, coachingLeads and the chance of work assignments generated through the Argonaut network

* The licence must be used in your own-brand coaching/training practice, and may not be re-sold or used under other brands.

From the community…

How can I join?

Just send us a few words about your previous writing and your professional work and we’ll get back to you really soon.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community!

The Argonaut team