Learning to succeed internationally

Lara Statham

Lara is a Personal Performance Coach, intercultural trainer, university teacher and expert in Italian business culture. She has delivered intercultural training as a key component of Business English training courses in Italy for 20 years. She has seen that trying to reduce the cultural gap through language training and technology alone is simply not enough for business professionals today. To succeed in business, you have to reduce the cultural distance and to do this you must have cultural awareness of your international business partners. Language is what you say, but cultural awareness is how you understand what is meant and how you bridge that gap. Apart from Italy, Lara has also worked in Greece, Jordan, Egypt and China and knows that it can be useful to have a knowledge of national characteristics as a starting point but to be taken seriously and to develop professional relationships having the ability to see beyond those typical behaviours is critical.

Lara has a degree in Modern European Cultural Studies, an MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching.



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