Learning to succeed internationally

Eric de Lame

As a lifelong expatriate with diplomatic missions in Africa (Cameroun & Equatorial Guinea), in Northern America (US Mid-West & West Coast, British Columbia), in Europe (France, Spain, Netherlands), in Asia (India, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia & Philippines), Eric has developed a keen interest in cross-cultural communication skills to successfully develop business in new markets.

He has observed many faux-pas and recorded as many success stories. Eric has authored several articles in business magazines and edited cross-cultural manuals on the USA and Malaysia as well as conducted cross-cultural workshops for expatriates and business executives.

Eric prefers sharing real stories and triggering insights on cultural differences over listing rules and business etiquette. Learning about those differences should be fun and make sense. In Eric’s view, history throws much light on otherwise difficult-to-explain behaviours. At the end of the day, a mindful cross-cultural experience accelerates your business development in new markets and enriches you as a human being in our ever more globalized world.