Learning to succeed internationally

Gerry Higgins

Gerry Higgins has spent his working life working outside his home Country of Scotland, living in 9 Countries in Asia, Africa and the Nordics with his family. An engineer by training, Gerry has managed business units and projects in these Countries and so has a wealth of real-life examples to draw upon in his work as Intercultural specialist.

As a result of that exposure and experience, Gerry has seen first hand the effect both his and his host’s culture can have on business outcomes, both positive and negative.

He is eager to help others to avoid the mistakes he made, and also to help them to leverage Intercultural knowledge in a positive way to help smooth the road in negotiations, communication and most importantly, relationship building. Because “business” isn’t just a transactional, mechanical affair. It is really all about the human connection and how we interact with each other.

He is married with 3 children and has returned to Scotland after 35 years away, mainly to see if the weather is as bad as he remembers it.  It is !