Learning to succeed internationally

Margarita Celedón

Cross-cultural Management, Thematic and cultural Tourisme advisor, Executive Coaching , Soft Power, Soft Skills, International Negotiations : Latin America and Europe. Multilingual, lived in 15 different countries , specialist of Latin America and Europe. Chile, Brazil,Mexico, France, Portugal and Belgium are countries that I know very well, both in terms of business and cultural habits. During my career, I have had the opportunity to lead companies, intervene with politicians and carry out missions in international organizations. I have acquired a unique expertise in intercultural dialogue: the power of persuasion, “soft power”, which has become a sixth sense over time. I can accompany your company on trade missions in Latin America. I can advise you about the thematic or cultural tourisme in Portugal, France, Belgium, Chile and Brazil. I can coach your executives who leave on expatriation or on a trade mission in Latin America.