Learning to succeed internationally

DéLise Vaccino

DéLise is an American linguist and interculturalist with a background in Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Non-Verbal Communication, and International Etiquette. She is the founder of The Artistry of Etiquette and internationalcrossculturaletiquette.com. She has lived abroad for over 30 years, experiencing the cultures of 9 different countries. She lived principally in Italy and 20 years, specifically in Sicily. She is currently living in Israel and has had a          25-year career in teaching languages, cross-cultural competencies, etiquette, and the importance of understanding body language and facial expressions in communication. She is a cross-cultural corporate trainer for multi-national corporations  and has worked extensively in leadership and corporate mediation. She was a liaison in Sicily where she founded a cross-cultural association.  Her specializations are the U.S, Europe, particularly, northern, central, and southern Italy, the Middle East: Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and China. She speaks English, Italian, Sicilian, French and is learning Hebrew.