Learning to succeed internationally

Lisa La Valle-Finan

A self-described culture shock preventionist, Lisa is the “expat whisperer” who believe that anthropology is a birthright. She draws on over 20 years of personal international, academic, and professional experience. She delivers deep culture workshops for executives, teams, and their families in global transition. She’s a highly sought-after author, speaker, and instructor on the subject of “deep-culture” who delivers “transformative” cross-cultural alignment programs around the world. With a sixth sense for cross-cultural insights, she fosters smooth transitions for the expat lifecycle including coping and adapting strategies for unfamiliar cultural contexts. Lisa re-frames the intercultural practice with a highly empathic, yet bold style, delighting audiences with culture change programs for academic institutions, content research for enterprises. She speaks to groups and moderates panel discussions about globalization, intercultural understanding and collaboration, and has authored numerous articles contributing to the literature of cross-cultural communication. Conversant in basic French and Greek, her graduate work is in applied anthropology, and live by the maxim that “a little local knowledge goes a long way.”

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