On-screen culture briefings on the countries where you operate

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Country information gives easy access to related topics and personalised advice

CultureConnector’s algorithm finds the insights and recommendations most relevant to your people, on the cultures which are important to them.

The time-saving technology brings deep insight and practical information in a format which is easy to access on desktop, laptop and mobile device.

Topics include all the key cultural differences, and a variety of other practical guides, from leadership, negotiation, project management through business socialising and many other issues relevant to workplace situations.

Awareness of the impact of cultural differences

How widely recognised in your organisation is the impact of culture? CultureConnector gives tools to leaders, specialists and advocates who understand, and who want to raise understanding of the link with business success in their teams and departments. Giving your people access to CultureConnector signals that the organisation values intercultural skills and cares about the experience of customers from other cultures. The awareness level of individuals is increased by the high accessibility of CultureConnector and at senior level, the organisation’s cultural profile will get attention for its relevance to strategic initiatives such as market entry, merger and acquisition, unification or reorganisation.

Preparing for a foreign assignment

At individual level, CultureConnector is a natural choice when preparing for an international assignment. With a comprehensive library of cultures, self-guided learning and a practical cultural profiling feature, it is an easily accessible companion for gaining cultural know-how in advance of departure. Personalised strategies provide suggestions for making good decisions on location and a smoother adjustment to a particular culture.

Interpreting behavior

The cultural profiling tools of CultureConnector give a uniquely powerful way for individuals working together to understanding and manage their differences. Even without the direct personal connection, CultureConnector enables individuals and teams to explore the differences that are most relevant to their work in the cultures they deal with. From analysing the differences (and common ground), there is an easy step to getting information and strategies for better results in the culture.

Analysing your team

The data visualisations in CultureConnector are distinctive and unique. They give an easy entry into complex topics, and make the whole topic of cultural difference more accessible. Using the team analysis tools, you may explore cultural distance (a combination of the most relevant cultural differences) and team spreads (showing the diversity within a team, in the context of outside cultural differences). Each team report offers insight into how better to communicate within the team as well as suggestions for serving the needs of global partners and customers.

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