CultureConnector in your intranet or learning management system

Enable your personnel to be and to act global by providing learning and support resources at large scale. Offering CultureConnector via your intranet, newsletter or learning management system instantly opens a practical library of information and personalised tools for employees. Set up and licensing could not be easier. And we’ve designed the admin tools to save your team more time than they take.

Discovering multicultural talent

CultureConnector supports the process of hiring the ‘best fit’ person for a new culture assignment. Through its cultural profile and cultural resource library, CultureConnector enlarges an employee’s awareness and understanding of his/her own cultural attitudes, perceived national types and behaviours and the way in which she/he may be seen by people in the other culture. Not only does this create a framework for discussing potential assignments but it also offers concrete strategies for adapting in the most challenging international assignments.

Integration into learning processes

Culture is an important factor in a wide variety of business processes and the intercultural perspective is relevant in leadership, organisational change, team building, specialist skills and many more areas. Including CultureConnector into wider learning and development processes goes smoothly thanks to the open design of the learning experience. The platform provides simple signup and convenient insights into learner activity and completion for L&D managers.

CultureConnector for large groups

Rolling out a large programme can go fast and with minimum resource from the learning and development team. Promotion is aided by the learners themselves inviting colleagues into CultureConnector. As a cloud-based service, setup is easy and scaling up from pilot to local to global just requires a few clicks. Used by talented trainers on all continents, CultureConnector also places no limitations on a global rollout of a blended learning programme, with both coaching support and online resources available to your personnel. This all enables L&D professionals to focus on what really matters: understanding learner needs and targeting business outcomes.

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