A support for strategic decision-makers

As your organisation prepares for strategic initiatives in new markets, with new partners or by investing in regions outside of direct reach of head office, cultural analytics can help you manage the risks.

Targeting resources

Can you identify the people who would most benefit from developing cultural competence? Needs will shift according to the business priorities of your organisation and the groups of personnel involved in different initiatives. An organisation-level perspective on cultural differences and the possibility for fine-tuned analytics means you can target training and other actions where really needed. With strategic cultural analytics in your toolkit, general, all-in one-size-fits all learning and development solutions for cultural differences are no longer needed or justified.

A practical tool for running learning and development

As a manager of people or as a learning and development process owner, you need tools to set up, monitor and report activities related to cultural competence. Set up groups, manage roles of trainers and coaches, decide who can access data, define branding or use licences.

Building the business case for action

How diverse is your organisation? And more important: how is your organisation diverse? Knowing where in your workforce you may have cultural advantages and disadvantages in relation to specific projects and regions can help you build a solid case for investing in cultural training and other actions only when and where it’s needed.

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