Global mobility: intercultural training for expatriates

CultureConnector is a key resource for managing in and adapting to a new culture for many expatriates. With their cultural profile, personnel can get perspective on their own values and behaviours which will most influence success in the new culture. Personalised strategies are part of the profile and there is a rich bank of information about each culture.

Team building and multicultural teams

Diverse teams achieve higher performance than homogeneous teams when they have techniques for benefiting from that diversity. Without support, diverse teams find the path to success harder and longer. CultureConnector gives individuals and trainers tools for insights and action by multicultural teams. Team members get strategies for communicating and managing conflict according to the individual profiles within the team and trainers generate insights and visual material to build appreciation of the diverse perspectives inside the team.

Global leadership

Global leaders adapt their leadership techniques according to the cultures they work with. A key challenge of leading globally is demonstrating the qualities of a leader in different cultures. CultureConnector gives leaders working with coaches or alone the insights and techniques for success in managing differences in workings style including delivering feedback, negotiating and decision-making in different cultures, as well as team analysis reports.

Globalisation and change

Individuals, teams and organisations are working internationally more than ever. The skillset and mindset for achieving success in new cultures is a key to global success. Leading organisations and high-potential individuals are building their global competences and vision with the help of CultureConnector. Change processes driven by the need for merger, acquisition, integration and rollout of global matrix relationships require new confidence and competence to work over distance and difference which CultureConnector can play a part in developing.

International skills

CultureConnector is a component in specialist skills development programmes, such as presentations, selling and project management. The common themes are applying expertise in new cultural environments, adapting communication style, understanding the target audience and building trust. In project management, cultural differences can lead to very concrete effects where the costs of delay may be very clear. The risks from different attitudes towards time, deadlines, responsibility, decision-making and conflict resolution can be reduced by increased awareness of cultural difference amongst specialist personnel. CultureConnector provides a framework for discussing these differences and supports trainers and participants in finding new and more effective ways of operating internationally.

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