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Personal email addresses

Why does CultureConnector require my work email address? CultureConnector is a service for people who work in teams and organisations for professional use to deal with cultural differences at work. You can sign up in CultureConnector with your work email address. By using your work email address you may be able to benefit from the…

Technical requirements

CultureConnector requires up to date browsers. Some older browsers are not supported. This page shows the browser versions we fully support and the settings required on your browser in order to be able to use the service.

Trainer Dashboard licence to be assigned on the CultureConnector dashboard

Getting started

If you have just bought a licence for CultureConnector, here’s a very practical guide to getting started. Everything you need to do to set up and use your licence. In just a few minutes you could be inviting participants to join.

CultureConnector status

Find out about the technical status of the CultureConnector service, recent releases, planned service breaks and other updates.