CultureConnector status

Find out about the technical status of the CultureConnector service, recent releases, planned service breaks and other updates.

Known issues

  1. The My trainers screen for managers may not load on some mobile devices
  2. Changing an existing secondary email is currently disabled.

Release 25 January 2021

Contacts feature improvements

Adds several new functionalities such as removing contacts, cancelling contact-invitations, instant responses, and fixes several bugs inside the contacts screens and in email deliverability.

Preparation for future features

This release sets some things in place for future releases, and improves some features in the application’s internal tools.

Coming soon

Improvements in the strategies features.

Release 25 November 2020

Bug fix

Fixes a bug in the display of learner and group lists in the organisation dashboard panel.

Release 16 November 2020


Users can now give feedback on various CultureConnector features and control who gets to read the feedback.

Business cases can now be duplicated and the customised, saving time for business case creators.

Bug fixed in creating meta information about the business case contact person, before the contact person is named.

Trainers can now set the event date when creating new groups.

Release 1 October 2020

Minor update in the impact measurement tool

Prevents non-sequential business case scenarios

Release 14 September 2020

Impact measurement

A new version of the tool

Bug fixes

Correct number of available insights per culture now displays on the Start screen, plus several other fixes.

Release 4 August 2020

Article recommendations

Improvements to scoping and ranking of personal article recommendations

Country flags

Replaced many placeholder images with country flags. Every country in the system is now represented by its flag.


Release 23 July 2020

Faster personalisation

When a learner selects/updates cultures, the system generates a new learner experience much, much faster

Release 3 July 2020


Guide for users on what’s next in their learning journey

Targeted early acess

Makes it easier to invite specific teams, individuals and organisations into early access programmes.

Business data

Adds more indepth insight into who is using licences, when you are managing multiple customers in CultureConnector.

Bug fixes

Fixes a link in a notification about inviting contacts.

Release 24 June 2020

Trainer views

Trainers can now see and manage the full list of learner strategies.

Early acess

Extends some features for customers in early access programmes.

Bug fixes

Fixes a bug affecting people invited to sign up as contacts.

Release 23 April 2020

Improvements to the dashboard for training providers

Now you can see which trainers are using your trainer licences, you get a more useful default view of your licences.

New organisation: groups listing

Now you have a more user-friendly view before you create your first group in a new organisation.

Learning achievements

Now trainers and learners joining our early-access programme can track their progress on their learning journey.

Training impact model

The training impact model visualiser is now available to selected users.

Participant invitations

We have released improvements in the invitation to training participants (French version)


We’ve enabled further customisations for customers offering single sign-on to their participants.

Bug fixes and usability improvements

We’ve done several small fixes and improvements related to choosing cultures, viewing licences, controlling your own data, reviewing upgrade options, and many more.

Release 18 March 2020

Dashboard for training providers

A new screen giving an overview of all your customers in one view if you work as a consultant or training provider.

Single Sign-on changes

New technical requirements for customers using CultureConnector’s authentication API.

Bug fixes and usability improvements

More customisation options for Single-Sign-on customers, more help when setting passwords, fixes to Wheel diagram display errors in some browsers, correcting flags shown in article recommendations, language-switching usability, restore the “dismiss” feature in the Questionnaire Start screen and other minor fixes.

Release 10 February 2020

Notifications for API customers

If you connect to CultureConnector via the API, you can now get notifications about activity on your account.

Easier linking

CultureConnector now has human-readable links and a better experience for people following links from outside of CultureConnector

Minor bug fixes

We’ve fixed a bug in the login form when you enter the wrong credentials, article viewing by users on a Free licence, and several other bugs and minor improvements.

Release 15 January 2020

Silver group insights

Clearer guidance when trainers hit a licence limitation working with Silver groups.

Reaching max cultures

Better experience for learners on Free or Silver licences, when reaching the max permitted number of cultures.

Minor bug fixes

We’ve fixed a bug in the new-group progress wizard and several other minor issues.

Simplified licence options

The new licences are available from the Argonaut shop.

New features for single-sign-on customers

The release enables platforms integrating with CultureConnector to customise the learner experience in many new ways.

Release 25 November 2019

Custom campaigns

Argonaut partners can now run customise CultureConnector for their mailing list subscribers.

Preparation for coming releases

The release prepares for some new features in the coming weeks.

Release 5 November 2019

Bug fixes and minor improvements

This release restores the saving of strategies and the changing of training group names.

Preparation for coming releases

The release prepares for some new features in the coming weeks.

Release 14 October 2019

Faster first load

The first load of CultureConnector is now up to 5x faster.

Bug fixes and speed

Many small fixes. For example, we’ve restored the feature whereby trainers can click segments of the wheel, while viewing a learner’s profile. Overall speed also increased.

Preparation for coming releases

The release prepares for some new features in the coming weeks.

Release 1 July 2019

Speed and convenience in the group reports

Many improvements to group reports, such as layout, browsing, view settings.

Trainer news and trainer help

Now easier and faster to access than before.

Faster account creation

Users creating their accounts first time now wait less.

Improved historical culture data

The culture analytics reports now go further into history, and the accuracy of historical activity data is also improved.

Bug fixes and speed

Many small fixes and speedier page loads, especially for learners.

Preparation for coming releases

The release prepares for some new features in the coming weeks.

Release 31 May 2019

Organisation-level cultural analytics

New reports for managers: Analysis of culture at organisation level.

Bug fixes

Many small fixes, including loading of links in the sidebar of articles.

Preparation for coming releases

The release prepares for some new features in the coming weeks.

Release 15 April 2019

Licences for freelance trainers

The release makes it easier for organisations which manage networks of trainers to give those trainers more independence to set up CultureConnector for new organisations and groups.

Bug fixes

Many small fixes, including French/German language selection, print icon visibility, first-load animation.

Preparation for coming releases

The release prepares for some new features in the coming weeks.

Release 3 April 2019


The release adds a new language and culture: Slovenian

Bug fixes

Many small fixes, including adding additional trainers to groups, printing of personal reports by individual learners, licences available to trainers where they are not the owner of the licence, branding visible to trainers.

Preparation for coming releases

The release enables us to roll out some new features in the coming weeks relating to landing pages and organisation-level reports.

Release 12 February 2019


It is now possible to add your own brand or brands to CultureConnector.

Trainer view of learner strategies

A bug causing the strategies not to load sometimes is now fixed.

Many small fixes and faster-loading organisation-management pages

Many bugs fixed and other minor improvements done.

Release 11 December 2018

CultureConnector in multiple languages

Now you can create your CultureConnector profile in French, German or English

Creating new groups made easier for trainers

We’ve added a wizard to help trainers quickly get started with new groups.

My trainers: a tool for managers

For managers running a large team/network of trainers we’ve added a view to check the trainers’ status in CultureConnector.

Trainers adding the learners’ first culture

In the past, trainers could add extra cultures for learners in their groups, but could never add the first culture. Now it’s also possible to add the first culture, as long as the user has completed their questionnaire. We’ve also made it easier for new users to add the first culture themselves.

Training event dates

Now you can set a training event date for learners, and get extra help preparing, as well as changing the content before/after the event.

Many small fixes and faster-loading pages

Many bugs fixed and other minor improvements done.

Release 22 November 2018


Several screens are now loading faster.

Trainer alerts

Trainers can get an email message when something happens in their groups.

Reminders to learners about deeper profile pages

On the start screen, learners see more personalised recommendations: to specific pages in CultureConnector such as key area pages like Rules in Germany, and get hints about how to save strategies.

Many small fixes

Many bugs fixed and minor improvements done.

Release 12 October 2018


Some of the key trainer screens are now loading faster and hiding expired groups by default.


We’ve made some usability improvements, especially in the trainer screens, and fixed some bugs.

Stability, performance and security

We’ve made overall changes to CultureConnector’s way of handling access.

Release 26 September 2018


We’ve made CultureConnector faster, especially the Dimension screen, some trainer views and when getting/assigning new licences. The Profile and account screen also now offers a smoother experience.

Group for one (coaching)

It’s now possible to create a group with a licence for just one person, if you’re adding this to an existing organisation.

Add cultures for learners, as a trainer

We’ve made it easier to add cultures for your training participants, if you are a trainer.

Better experience handling new licences and loading data

This release also includes some bug fixes and security improvements relating to the loading of data and new licences.

Improvements in printed reports

We’ve improved the labelling of dimensions in the printed reports.

Linking to articles and profile screens

It’s now easier to find article or profile pages, when you receive a link while not log in. CultureConnector will redirect you to the correct screen after logging in.

Upgrade info for licence owners only

If you’ve got a licence for a client, the client will no longer see messages related to managing the licence (available upgrades etc).

Releases 14-16 August 2018

Easier to join a training group

We’ve added features to make the group invitations more robust, transparent and to give participants more control.

Faster page load times

This release also includes some bug fixes relating to the loading of data, and various improvements to page load times

Release 23 July 2018

Reminders about key pages

If you’ve not yet visited a key page, such as a profile page, comparing you against one of your chosen cultures, you’ll see a reminder about this on the Start screen.

Faster page load times

After the initial loading of CultureConnector, learners will see much faster page load times browsing between the Start screen and some other screens.

Release 5 July 2018

Privacy controls

More automation of the “My Data” section, enabling users to immediately hide data from their organisation or download personal data.

Bug fix

Editing a group’s name caused the members to be removed from the renamed group in rare cases.

Release 30 May 2018

Privacy controls

A new section called “My Data” gives users more transparency and control over what happens to their data

Signup form

The new signup form splits consent into different things, so users can opt in to different kinds of notifications.

Privacy notice in English and French

There is a new privacy notice new to reflect the new self-service data-protection tools in CultureConnector. It’s available in English and French.

Easier access to culture insights screens

There is now a link from article pages to the related culture insights screen, with a progress indicator.

Page load speed

Faster loading of several screens

Release 22 May 2018

Renewed recommendations

More relevant and visual recommendations appearing on the Start screen

Cleaner and more visual design for article pages

The article pages have been simplified, removing the browse-by-tag menus and filters

Page load speed

Faster loading of several screens

Randomly locked dimensions for people using the Free service

Previously all people had the same dimensions locked when they started on the Free licence. Now the six locked dimensions are selected randomly and uniquely for every individual user.

Start screen layout

We’ve adjusted the layout of the start screen on desktop devices to make better use of available width

Start screen notifications

Now expired notifications disappear automatically

And much more

This was a big release with many bugs fixed, error messages added to help with support and debugging, and small changes done.

Release 20 April 2018

Interactive strategies

The design and functionality of CultureConnector strategies has been improved.

Internet Explorer bug fix

Removes a bug preventing Internet Explorer users from fully loading the culture insights screen and one admin screen.

Page load speed

Reduces the weight of several pages by 275KB.

Release 30 March 2018

Security update

We’ve made changes to the authentication policy.

Release 26 January 2018

Faster loading pages

We’ve made changes which help pages load faster.

Preparing for more automation and personalisation

We are developing the CultureConnector engine, building more capability to give a personalised experience which responds to individual needs and interests.

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Release 19 January 2018

New screen for learners: culture insights

The new screen is available to all learners by clicking through any culture in the Culture distance in the Start screen, and then choosing the “insights” tab.

Improvements to culture profile screen

Visual and content changes to the culture profile screen, which is where learners land after clicking any culture in the Culture distance in the Start screen.

Release 1 December 2017

Faster loading organisation screens

If you have rights to manage organisations, you will notice that larger organisation now load much faster in the “My organisations” area.

Managing groups and trainers via My Organisations

Now you can manage groups and trainers fully in the My Organisations area; You still need a valid Trainer Dashboard licence to be able to add/invite learners.

Expired groups hidden by default

Now the list of groups in an organisation does not show expired groups by default. You can view them by changing a setting in the screen.

Release 22 November 2017

Larger organisations

Adds pagination to learner lists in larger organisations and brings a more powerful learner-search tool.

Automation of onboarding

Further back-end capabilities installed for automation of parts of the learner experience and trainer admin tasks.

Current plan in Profile screen

Fixes a problem in the display of the “Current plan” of some users in their Profile and account screen.

Release 10 November 2017

Fixes a problem relating to creation and editing of groups

Organisation managers can now edit groups directly in the My Organisations area. Organisation managers who are also trainers can now create groups directly in the My Organisations area.

Fixes a problem showing licence capacity

In the Trainer Dashboard, when creating a new group, you can now see the number of places available on each licence.


We have increased our support for automation. This enables us to release new automation features in the near future.

Release 1 October 2017

Adding learners to groups

We’ve added a third method for adding learners to groups. Now you can pre-approve certain email addresses, so that specific learners can join without an invitation link.

Exclusive access

Until now, anyone with the correct invitation link could join a group. Now it is possible to restrict joining only for people you choose in advance.

Microsoft Edge browser compatibility

We’ve made CultureConnector fully compatible with up-to-date Microsoft Edge browsers.

Release 3 August 2017

Printed profiles

This release fixes an issue affecting the printed personal cultural profiles in Chrome browsers.

Signup reminders

This release prepares for a new feature automating reminder messages to assist new users through the signup process.

Licence mouseovers

Adds more information to the tooltips visible when your mouse is over a licence.

Release 16 July 2017

Better printing of images in profiles

This release fixes an issue affecting the display of some colours when you print a profile (your own, or when a trainer prints a learner’s).

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Release 12 July 2017

Faster loading of pages

We have released more changes to make CultureConnector pages load faster.

Release 28 June 2017

Faster loading of pages

We have released a faster version of CultureConnector. In some cases screens were loading slowly and showing a “You do not have access” message while the permissions and content loaded. Now pages should load fast enough never to see such “you do not have access” messages when you have rights.

Release 30 May 2017

More accurate “latest activity” data for organisation managers

Previously, organisation managers sometimes got inaccurate data on the recency of trainers’ activity. Now that activity data is accurate to within a few minutes.

Speed and future features

We have made some changes to increase speed and stability of CultureConnector as well as some back-end changes which prepare for future features and also enable our personnel to give even faster and more effective support to CultureConnector users.

Trainers removed from learner lists

When a trainer had clicked an invitation link, the trainer appeared in the list of learners belonging to the related organisation. In most cases, the trainer has now been removed from historical organisation lists and should no longer appear as a learner.

Release 24 May 2017

Enabled immediate adding of new trainers

Previously, trainers had to log in before their new assignment to organisations was confirmed.

Fewer logins

We have begun a series of changes which means CultureConnector will require logins less often. Some related changes will come in the following releases.

Release 19 May 2017

Solved a problem adding learners to groups based on the Unlimited licence

In some cases, invitations to groups based on an Unlimited licence failed. This is now solved.

Release 12 May 2017

Group messages from trainers to learners

We’ve restored and improved the message preview (your own and other trainers’) and made it possible to delete the message.

Organisation Manager creation simplified

We’ve simplified the process of creating an organisation manager and given the role immediate effect. Now, both internal and external organisation managers are handled in the same way. We’ve also fixed a bug related to the organisation manager role at the creation of a new organisation.

Release 12 April 2017

New address for learner’s start page

The logged-in homepage is now at a new address

Improved printability of cultural profiles

There is now a special print view of two key cultural profile screens. There’s more info about this in the Trainer News and Trainer Help areas.

Release 30 March 2017

Back-end changes for our support team

We’ve completed some upgrades which enable our support team to resolve licensing and other issues for customers more efficiently.

Release 21 March 2017

Trainer edits of learner cultures

Trainers can now add or remove comparison cultures on behalf of learners in their groups.

Improvements to the home-culture list in the signup form

Fixes an issue whereby sometimes the home-culture list did not load.

Trainer messages to learners appear once per trainer

Fixes an issue whereby the learners see duplicate messages from trainers on the learner dashboard.

Release 8 March 2017

Trainer edits of learner profiles

Trainers can now edit some basic biographical data on behalf of learners in their groups.

Trainer view of learner home culture

Previously the home culture was missing from the “Personal information” card when the trainer views a learner’s cultural profile. This is now visible.

Release 17 February 2017

Licence information for Trainers and Organisation Managers

We’ve added more views of the licence status of your learners, groups and organisations.

New design for profile and account screens

Now the your Profile settings, cultures and contacts are integrated into one area, findable via the drop-down menu, or via direct linking.

Fixes for display problems

Sometimes the video on the home page did not load.

Sometimes past subscription renewal dates were shown as expiry dates.

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Release 10 February 2017

Signup status of new learners

The signup status of learners is now visible to trainers when looking at their training participants. This gives more transparency to the experience of your learners, if you are a trainer. This is available in the Group view and Organisation view.

More data about learner licences

Mouseover “tool tips” in the Organisation learner lists now give more information about the licence used by learners in the organisation.

Fix for learner list in organisation view

Since the release on 6th February, sometimes the list incorrectly showed Free when the learner was actually on a Premium licence.

Release 6 February 2017

Faster browsing

We have implemented many further optimisations to speed up browsing in CultureConnector.

Choosing cultures during signup

We’ve removed a problem which caused some users not to be able to choose cultures at the end of their signup process.

Assigning licences to organisations

In some cases, it was not possible to assign a licence to an organisation. This problem is now fixed.

Require latest version of CultureConnector

This release fixes an issue affecting users who start using the service before a release and continue in the same browser session after a release. In some cases, the browser saved the previous version of the webpage, causing a conflict with the updated service, and sometimes preventing login.

This release will force most browsers to check that they have loaded the latest version of CultureConnector’s webpages and data.

Automatic logout problem

Various situations were causing automatic logouts, for example idle time, page refresh. Now in most cases you will stay logged into your CultureConnector account except when there is a release, or when you switch users in the same browser or if your CultureConnector session is inactive for many days.

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Release 27 January 2017

Faster browsing | Quick loading of Trainer Dashboard screen

This release improves the overall speed of browsing the CultureConnector service, reduces errors caused by busy servers and especially speeds up the loading of the Trainer Dashboard.

New layout for the Edit profile screen

The Cultures and Contacts are now included in your profile settings, which is now a screen in its own right (previously it was just a pop-up).

Latest version

To ensure that you are experiencing the updated service, log out and back in again. If you still have problems logging in, first make sure that you are logged out of CultureConnector, then clear your browser history (cookies and cache) for this website. You can do this via your browser settings.  Make sure you are on the latest version by doing a hard refresh. More info…