Personal email addresses

Why does CultureConnector require my work email address?

CultureConnector is a service for people who work in teams and organisations for professional use to deal with cultural differences at work.

You can sign up in CultureConnector with your work email address. By using your work email address you may be able to benefit from the CultureConnector licence of your organisation.

Using your personal email address

If you try to sign up or log in with a personal email address such as,,,,, you may be asked to use a work email address instead.

If you only have a personal email address and no other work address, you can access CultureConnector by buying a licence using your personal email address. The Free service does not allow you to complete your signup with only a personal email address.

If you have recently changed your work email address and cannot use your password, you may still be able to recover your account using a personal email address as a secondary email. For help with this, visit CultureConnector support.

Ask your trainer to arrange for you to use your personal email address

If you are in a training programme, you can ask your trainer to arrange for your personal email address to be accepted by the CultureConnector system. If you are a trainer in this situation, contact CultureConnector support.