Use CultureConnector as a driver of business and as a source of professional, personal and commercial success.

Build your digital business model

We at Argonaut are privileged to work with people and businesses who have a vision of future business and future learning methodologies. CultureConnector can be a part of your plan to meet your customers’ needs this year, next year and in the long term.

Digital business, online learning and web-based delivery are no longer just rising trends. They are a major fact of life in the training and consulting world today.

The organisations using CultureConnector are extending their reach globally and developing new service categories based on a new model made possible by CultureConnector.

Future-proofing our businesses together

At Argonaut we’re part of the digital economy because more great intercultural providers are joining the new way of doing business. Let us work together to build a business model which anticipates and meets customer needs, creating a sustainable basis for success in a global, web-enabled, connected world.

Direct benefits

CultureConnector brings immediate benefits to coaches, consultants and training providers today.

The commission programme for Argonaut partners generates a additional financial return on your customer relationship. Each time your customer gets a licence for CultureConnector through you or directly from the Argonaut shop, you get paid.

Because it’s easy to sign up at CultureConnector, your business will increase its conversion rate. Not only can you activate customers in your existing community, but you can grow your customer base by offering CultureConnector in new sectors, regions and on a larger scale.

You also join a network of businesses with a common interest in promoting new ways of working in the industry, many of which are open to collaborating on larger contracts and in seeking local specialist knowledge.

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Professional development

You may be building a career in the intercultural field or adding to your skills through your own lifelong learning goals. Whatever your stage of development, we in Argonaut team are working to help you keep your professional competences at the cutting edge.

If you are looking for support with introducing new methodologies into your work, you’ll find it via the CultureConnector platform. Starting with Trainer Help resources which are included in your Trainer Dashboard licence, you can enroll in our accreditation programme to really take your consulting and coaching processes to the next level.

When you’ve completed our accreditation programme your customers will see that you’ve invested in deepening your competences to meet their needs and the needs of your training participants.