Invite participants to CultureConnector

A time-saver for trainers: template for inviting participants in CultureConnector as part of their coaching/training. Use this message to get the practical details right. Invest your time instead in personalising the message and customising the experience for your participants.

Use this invitation as template for inviting your training participants to CultureConnector.

Dear [Participant name]

You’re participating in the [Training/coaching name] and you can now use CultureConnector for the online part.

Create a profile at

Please sign up with your work email address at and answer the questions to create your cultural profile. If you are quick, this will take about 10 minutes.  Please choose a calm moment when you can focus on the questions, but if you are interrupted, you can continue after a break. We will look at your individual / the group profile during our training.

No right or wrong answers

There are no right or wrong answers when creating your profile. Diversity is a richness from which we benefit every day. Make sure your answers reflect your true work style.

Activate your account and choose some cultures

After creating your profile, CultureConnector will ask you to choose some cultures that you work with. Please choose as many as possible. You can already start to explore CultureConnector as soon as you activate your account by clicking the link you will receive by email. If you don’t get that link after answering the questions, please check your spam folder.

Finish by the deadline

Please make sure that you have completed your profile, chosen some cultures and verified your email address by [deadline date].

Important links

  • sign up at [enter your special invitation link here, if you have one, or just]. Click this link if you are seeing the Free service and upgrade messages and try pasting the long link into your browser address bar if the short link does not upgrade you from the Free service.
  • log in on future visits at
  • get technical help from

Best wishes,

[Trainer name]

Embed an image in your invitation

Include this image in your invitation, if you want to give a visual guide. Download by clicking or right-clicking the image.

Diagram of the registration process in CultureConnector
Include this image in your emailed invitation, as a visual guide