Become a premium partner of Argonaut

We partner with the leading training and consulting organisations around the world, typically a single Premium Partner in each market. Premium Partners may start by signing up for partnership and opening a dialogue with the Argonaut team about a deeper business relationship.

Interested in Premium Partner status?

We look for a great fit between your business and our business, so we can together make a plan for successful cooperation. Here are some of the factors which give a basis for success as a Premium Partner of Argonaut.

  • Sales and marketing resources
  • Active network of client contacts
  • Experience of delivering of large solutions
  • Confidence with online learning and digital marketing technologies
  • A business plan for expansion
  • Passion for intercultural competence
  • Recognition for intercultural training excellence

Starting something long-term

We’ve built our partnerships through successful long-term cooperation with like-minded providers in the cultural competence space. In every case we share a passion for intercultural effectiveness and a goal to be the best in the field.

We recommend that you sign up as a partner in order to start the dialogue with the Argonaut team. It is a good first step to a deeper partnership relationship.

In general we reserve a single Premium Partner relationship in every large market.