Do you want to be an insider on CultureConnector developments, and influence new features in a way that helps your business?

Joining an early access programme means that you see new features before they are fully launched.

Benefits for your business

  • Shape new developments so that they bring extra value for your business
  • Motivate your team to be part of the CultureConnector family
  • Use new features in the real world at discounted or no-extra-cost rates
  • Personal guidance or on-boarding from the Argonaut team
  • Longer time to prepare for changes in CultureConnector

How it works

  • Register with the Argonaut team as an early-access partner
  • You hear about new features while those features are in development
  • Decide whether to join an early access programme for a new feature
  • Use the new feature in a demo mode, for personal use, or in real cases
  • Give feedback to the Argonaut team
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Ask an existing contact in the Argonaut team, or use the contact form via the button below.

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