The ultimate convenience for international organisations

If you are responsible for large-scale learning and development initiatives and you value efficiency and convenience, the CultureConnector Unlimited licence is for you.

Simplify the technical implementation

Anyone with a verified email address from your organisation can register without any need for other technical set up.

Get return on investment, not administrative work

You don’t need to use administrative resources on setting up employee groups, distributing login information or renewing and extending access for certain employees. Access works the same for all employees and you simply get activity reports, so you can monitor how your investment is performing.

Offer all the features

Your Unlimited licence brings all the learner and trainer features of your licence level: Silver, Gold, Diamond, plus organisation-level cultural insights reports for employees on Silver and Gold level: only available if you have an unlimited licence.

Get economies of scale

The licence really is unlimited for employees of your organisation. You never run into licence limits. Every additional registered employee brings down the per-user cost. Use your scale to get the best possible return on your investment. With no limits on numbers, you also avoid the need to predict usage levels.

Get actionable insights – on the whole organisation

All activity licence feeds into your organisation-level cultural insights reports. This includes employees on any licence level: Silver, Gold, Diamond – and even Free (verified employees not currently using your licence).

Be strategic

With organisation-wide cultural analytics and less of your time tied into training administration, you can focus on the strategic implications of the reports you’re getting from CultureConnector.

Get a price for your organisation

We’ll connect you with a member of the Argonaut team, or a CultureConnector partner