CultureConnector licences

Which licence do you need? Find out if the free version is right for you, or if you’ll need to upgrade to one of our premium licences. Decide which level will get you the right results: Silver, Gold or Diamond.

Which licence do you need?

User learner free service of CultureConnector

Free service

Before you get a premium licence, you’ll be on our Free service. For many individuals, this is enough.

User Trainer Dashboard licence CultureConnector

Premium licences

Get a premium licence to get extra benefits, for example more cultures, more cultural info, trainer tools.

User Multiple licences CultureConnector combinations

Licence combinations

Most of our customers who are responsible for training or coaching choose a Trainer Dashboard plus a group licence. This combination gives learners a great experience and it enables the trainer to analyse their cultural profiles as a group.

Free service

Great for individuals.

CultureConnector licences: free

  • Compare with up to 5 cultures
  • Get brief info on those 5 cultures
  • Compare with up to 5 people (one-to-one comparisons as individuals)
When is the Free service right for you?

If any point here describes your situation:

  • need something today
  • seeking a good-quality zero-budget option
  • no need to analyse teams or organisations: individuals see their own profiles separately and trainers do not get access
  • focused on a small number of cultures: each individual can freely choose up to 5 cultures
  • have some colleagues and friends available to become CultureConnector contacts and therefore unlock your full profile
  • comparing with colleagues and other contacts is a key goal
When can the Free service be used in training and coaching?

If you are planning training in the following way:

  • trainer/coach and participant will meet and can review the participant’s cultural profile together face-to-face or via screen-sharing
  • participants are motivated and do not need anyone to manage their online learning or to receive reminders from the trainer/coach
  • ambition is to start a process by building initial interest and curiosity in a team or individual participant – the goal to agree and implement change can come later; there is no requirement to continue or upgrade
More about the Free service:

Get started now at

Trainer Dashboard

Essential for coaches, trainers, consultants.

CultureConnector licences: Trainer Dashboard

  • Trainers get access to tools for insight and group management
  • Combined with a group or organisation licence, the Trainer Dashboard gives access to individual and group cultural profiles
  • The Trainer Dashboard licence alone gives you tools but no data, so your dashboard will start empty until your organisation/customer gets a licence for the participants
  • Trainer Help pages

Group or organisation licence

Must-have for teams and organisations working internationally.

CultureConnector licences: group or organisation

  • Removes the limitations of the Free service for learners
  • More cultures (Silver) or unlimited cultures (Gold) for learners
  • Full cultural information on each culture, for learners
  • Organisation and licence controls, for HR, Learning & Development or training providers

If you choose the special Mix licence, you can give access to people from any organisation, so you do not get organisation controls with a Mix licence.

Trainer Dashboard + Group or organisation licence

The right choice for training groups, coaching programmes and advisory services.

CultureConnector licences: combination of trainer dashboard and group or organisation

  • Full experience for learners
  • Trainers can access the group’s or organisation’s participant cultural profiles via the Trainer Dashboard
  • Organisation manager controls how the licence is used and which trainers can manage the groups

Personal licence

Ideal for individuals taking responsibility for their own learning, or in an exclusive one-to-one relationship with a coach.

CultureConnector licences: personal

  • Get unlimited social comparisons and full culture info
  • Get more cultures (Silver) or unlimited cultures (Gold, Diamond)
  • Downloadable personal report to keep as PDf (all licence levels)
  • A coach who has a Trainer Dashboard licence and permission can access the individual’s cultural profile

Personal licences and group licences

A personal licence is mostly the same as a group or organisation licence, but with a quantity of one (licence for one person). If you buy a personal licence, you can give it to someone else to use. If you buy a licence for more than one person, it is not a personal licence, it is a group licence and you cannot give group licences to someone else. Unlike personal licences, group licences must be added to an organisation (or in the case of Mix group licences, directly to your Trainer Dashboard).

Licence levels

Free licence icon width 100 pixels

Free service

Not ready to buy a licence, or looking for a simple and effective experience.

  • Compare with up to 5 cultures
  • Get brief info on those 5 cultures
  • Compare with up to 5 people

Silver licence icon width 100 pixels


For people dealing with a small number of other cultures, looking for lower cost solution or in one-to-one training.

  • Compare with up to 15 cultures
  • Get full info on those 15 cultures
  • Compare with unlimited people
  • See 5 cultures in one view
  • In the Trainer Dashboard, individual learner profiles (click for an FAQ about trainer views of Silver groups)

Gold licence icon width 100 pixels


Freedom to explore any culture in depth and any number of social comparisons. Ideal for training groups and organisations.

  • Compare with unlimited cultures
  • Get full info on any culture
  • Compare with unlimited people
  • See many cultures in one view
  • In the Trainer Dashboard, see all members of the group in group reports

Diamond licence icon width 100 pixels


All the features available of lower level licences, plus branding, organisation-level culture analytics and prioritised support.

More licence options


Training providers and consultants can use this licence for multiple different clients. People from different organisations can share the same licence, for example participants in an open seminar. If you buy a Mix licence with a quantity of 10, it means that ten people from ten different organisations can join a group using that licence.

Standard (not Mix)

Standard licences are any licence which is not a Mix licence. A standard licence can be used for one organisation only (including subsidiaries, joint ventures etc).


Continues until cancelled. Charged every 3 months or every 12 months, or by agreement.

Fixed length

Personal, group and organisation licences are available for a fixed-length period, typically 3 months or 12 months. The whole cost of the licence must be paid before the licence starts. At the end of the period, the licence ends and access continues at Free level. Some licences are subscriptions, but most are fixed length.


Any number of employees in one organisation may use the licence without limitation.

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