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Argonaut learners in their own words


“It was like having the scales removed from my eyes.”

Manager, Shared Financial Services, South East Asia, GSK

I thoroughly enjoyed our coaching session today. Reviewing the assessment results, together with the review of the knowledge base from Argonaut, have helped to raise my awareness of similarities and differences in the cultures I will be working. Overall, I feel better prepared as a result and its great I can access the knowledge base for the duration of the secondment.

Finance and Insurance client

Thank you again for our conversation this morning. It was probably the most useful hour I have spent with regards to anything to do with the secondment and I am very grateful. For me, I just need to think before I speak and run it through the cultural lens but feel that you have equipped me with the tools to increase my chances of integration so thank you for that.

UK to Australia expatriate (Accountancy)

I think the tool is great and has a mass of potential for a range of situations.

Head of Professional Excellence & Global Capability, GMS

I really enjoyed the [Argonaut] coaching and it certainly helped me cement some views

Australia to Philippines expatriate (Telecommunications)

Thank you so much for the incredibly insightful Skype call we had on Wednesday. The information given to me was very detailed and insightful, of which I will most definitely harness throughout my stay here in China

Australia to China (Education)

What trainers say about Argonaut


Over the years Argonaut has become an integral part of almost all of our intercultural programs, providing the participants with a framework with which to understand and approach culture, around which we can help broaden understanding, develop appropriate strategies and solve problems […] It is a practical tool and easy for participants to use, and we find that it delivers just enough knowledge when and where our clients need it.

Trainer, Australia

I found it all very interesting and, in places, humorous!  Being British and having lived and worked extensively in both Germany and the US, I found many of the comments spot on!  I really enjoyed the ‘culture shocks’.”

Senior Trainer, UK

“The Argonaut tool is an easy and straight forward tool to use. It focuses on the learner and provides him/her with all the information necessary to prepare for an international assignment or prepare a multicultural team to work together.”

Trainer, France/UK

“Excellent, I came from the perspective of being perhaps a little pessimistic about the model but I did thoroughly enjoy the process and the model.”

Trainer and Coach, UK

Congratulations to all on the study guide!  It’s terrific.  One of our clients came across it and says that reading the low-context/high-context definitions was like a light going on in her head!

Argonaut partner reporting on Australian Defence Forces

“A most useful addition to my trainer’s bag of “cool tools.” The substance and dimensions of the [assessment] were interesting and informative, and the sessions were excellent. All together it was an inspiring way to lead into my fall line-up of consulting.”

Accreditation training participant, US

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