Argonaut as your next career move

We are continually looking for talent in different categories. Some join our network and continue running their own businesses. Some join
our team at entry level in internship or graduate positions. We have openings in sales or partnership roles. Sometimes we recruit into our management team or consultancy roles. There are opportunities now to join as a cultural correspondent.

Talk to us about jobs in intercultural communication: internships, sales, coaching and consultancy or become one of our cultural correspondents.

You can start a conversation with us about any of these roles in the Argonaut community.

Intercultural careers

A career as an interculturalist could involve travel, virtual teams, short-term assignments and project work, freelance and self-employed positions, small business or even a specialist positions in larger consultancies, corporations and educations institutions.

The work is challenging socially, intellectually and – for trainers with a heavy travel schedule – sometimes physically. The values of the intercultural field can appear soft, but these are tough roles and most intercultural careers demand very strong business skills. There is a huge variety across this field covering

  • leadership consultants
  • management trainers
  • language and communication specialists
  • experts in collaboration, organisational development and team building
  • researchers
  • coaches
  • expatriate managers and advisors
  • conflict resolution specialists
  • workplace psychologists

Our field has close links with the related areas of management consultancy, diversity, diplomacy, international HR, relocation and more.

Intercultural professionals

The intercultural specialism attracts people who care passionately. They care about ideas, insights, exchange, connection. We are a people-oriented community of professionals with a high level of education and international experience.

Interculturalists are pragmatic. They understand well that cultural differences generate both challenges and opportunities, disputes and high-performing teams.

Interculturalists are skilled listeners. They put themselves in challenging situations and keep an open mind about what they might learn. They do not try to stay in their comfort zones. Their mission is to extend the comfort zones of other people. Interculturalists appear when the going has got tough and they aim to restore good spirit and constructive collaboration.

Digital for intercultural professionals

Success factors for intercultural experts in a digital world

Look on any interculturalist’s Kindle (or Kobo or other e-reader or even bookshelf) and you are likely to find the book “Getting to Yes”. It’s a classic of negotiation and conflict resolution and contains useful techniques that can work across many cultures. I say “yes” a lot. I like the word. It’s positive, affirmative, consensual.…

Uniquely Argonaut

Argonaut is not a traditional workplace. We like to re-imagine what work can be. If your checklist for a great working environment looks like ours, maybe we’re a match. Let’s talk!

Our checklist for a great place to work

  • Learning
  • Best practice
  • Digital
  • Expertise
  • Community
  • Flexibility
  • Global
  • Inclusion
  • Analytics
  • Content
  • Business
  • Agility
  • Ambition
  • Connection
  • Diversity
  • Professionalism
  • Results

Argonaut is developing fast and we’re looking for new talent in a variety of areas.

Tasks, actions, projects, goals and metrics in the core team at Argonaut are crystal clear, but individual roles are not always rigidly separated. We multi-task, share, collaborate and achieve together. To join our team, you need to be part trainer, part designer, part business leader, part technologist and wholly committed to being the best at what you do.

Joining Argonaut could mean becoming one of our experts, a reseller, supporting us in sales, starting as an intern or even jumping in occasionally as a guest blogger. We also invite contacts from experienced intercultural professionals interested in joining the management team and influencing the development of the best online learning platform in the field.

Seven talents of interculturalists demanded by customers: training, coaching, culture-specific knowledge, culture-general knowledge, process, toolkit, network

7 talents of interculturalists our customers want

When organisations invest in intercultural training, they look for the best people to deliver the experience as trainers, coaches or partners in development programmes. How well do your talents match those which top organisations are seeking? How much do your customers know what you have to offer?

Business person walking through a door

Moving into a career as an intercultural consultant

These steps have brought impressive results for professionals with a goal to start a new career as an interculturalist. With thanks to CultureConnector country expert Lara Statham, we’ve collected some great advice for anyone who is ready to commit to switching or graduating into the field of intercultural training and consultancy.